The DarkMonk Studios





In a world of "Fabricated Pleasing Inept Elevator Pitches" polluting Art,

We want to bring you "Unfiltered Beautiful Gracious Truth" of Pure Art.


We define art as "An outpour of Expression" 
The form of expression can be via any medium 
Paintings, Music, Dance,

Poems, Songs, Software, Architecture, Photography, Apps and so many more...

Anything and Everything is Art.


In our studio, we don't want to be stereotyped like other NFT Projects.

We are artists and we love to create. Our primary genres include Painting,

Photography, Writing, Pixel art, Abstract Art, Digital Paintings and Art, 

World Building, 3D Art among others. We are exploring and expanding constantly 

to advocate the true nature of Art.

We also aim to make complete use of the Blockchain, Smart Contracts and 

DApps to facilitate the experience even more. 


We want to not just bring art to you, We want to create an experience, We want you to feel what we feel, We want to tell you the story, We want to make you live that story and We want to make you realize the power of


ART 3.0 on WEB 3.0

and make it a 

Fun, Rare & Beautiful Experience