the love and gratitude project

It started on the twitter post of @thetitanborn where someone joked about having nothing but love and gratitude to offer in exchange for some help and we joked around asking if someone really accepted it instead of money and then these fabulous lovely people (@Lord_iiip and @Caslyart) supported us and responded and it sparked a deeper conversation about how this space is so positive and supportive of artists and how the chief foundation of the NFT Space are artists.

We remembered @garyvee words that he keeps on pushing the fact that kindness and gratitude is what’s the most important and how it’s going to help us in the long run, in our lives and all of us together.

We were supported by @100BillionGOD and then we entered into all sorts of deeper conversations sparked by @thetitanborn saying “Are Love and Gratitude the new Crypto”.


After Thinking extensively, we (@DarkMonkStudios) came to the following conclusions:

  • There are a ton of “coins” out there in the ecosystem and each coin promises something “fundamentally new”.

  • Each token economics and ecosystem is developed around the idea of transactions and token economics in a closed ecosystem which gives them the freedom to have a currency of their own.

  • We DON’T want to be a part of that ecosystem.

  • We want to create an ecosystem for the artists by the artists around something that involves artists.

  • The no.1 thing that involves artists are NFTs.

So, this is what we have come up with. It’s still in an ideation phase but we would love to work on it and move forward with it. We’ll take the liberty to explain our thought process behind it and would love feedback and support from you.

  • We create 100,000,000,000 (Hundred Billion) copies of a Single NFT called “Love and Gratitude”.

  • Every artist collects 10,000 (Ten Thousand) pieces of the NFT. Which implies that a total of 10,000,000 (Ten Million) artists can claim it.

  • Each set of 100 NFTs cost ¢0.01cent or $0.0001 (Each NFT costs ¢0.0001 which implies that the collection costs $100,000).

  • Every mint operation refunds 99.99% of the amount which implies that we keep 0.01% = ¢0.00000001/NFT or $10 if the whole collection of 100 Billion NFTs are sold)

The setting of the prices is low so that anyone and everyone can afford it, but it does not mean that “Gratitude and Love” are cheap.

It means that even a small amount “Gratitude and Love” can change someone’s day.

It means that there are other modes of payment richer than money itself.

It means that there are other feelings of fulfilment which come from helping someone and receiving “Love and Gratitude” in return.

This, is a symbol. This is a way

to acknowledge the fact that no one is

rich or poor

noob or pro

afford or can’t afford.

Everyone artist has the right to be appreciated, to feel that they are not alone, to be supported, to feel that they too can afford some support in this ever-competitive world with “Love and Gratitude”.

It’s a symbol, that offering “Love and Gratitude”, even though its free, has a value and should be accepted and exchanged often.


Every time someone approaches you for some help, advice, offer, a small favor, which you can do, but normally charge for, every once in a while, accept “Love and Gratitude” as a payment.


A little push goes a long way.



Note: The whole process listed above will be implemented with the help of smart contracts over Polygon/Matic blockchain to make the operations as low cost as possible.


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