The DarkMonk Studios


OneShots are a compilation of individual artworks created which do not belong to a particular series and are independent on their own and listed only on the Foundation App. Each artwork on this page is a creation from either of the founders and no other artist from the studio.

Note: Each artwork in the OneShots is published only on the Foundation App.

The eteRnal pRotectoR

Born from the depths of oblivion and singularity, taking the consciousness from a million stars, The Protector watches over the universe and takes a form once in a trillion years to feed on a dying star.
The artwork is created using complex fractals on industry grade software and took about 1 week to complete. The final rendering itself took around 3 hours. It is carefully designed and colored for detail as The Eternal Protector takes form from the various matter found in the universe in known and unknown states.

Type : PNG
Dimensions : 3840 x 2304 px
Bit Depth : 24
Art Form : Fractal