The DarkMonk Studios


is a programatically created series of self-portraits made out of 11111 black straight lines. Each portrait is in a SVG format and made on an initial canvas width of 1920 px.

INKomplete is a very simple representation of a very complicated subject : Our Existence.


boRed deVil cLub

is a non-generated NFT collection created from complex mathematical fractals. The token gives double membership including one for the EthFractory - Ethereum Based Fractal Factory.


is a series of 3D abstract art conceptualized and created together by DarkPower and BadMonk.


is an original series conceptualized and drawn by DarkPower.

Yona explores through various levels of depth, dimensions and awakening

throughout her journey.


is an only edition, carefully curated , crafted & well balanced set of collectible cards revolving around a new universe XE 81 and taking place on the titular planet - ZOI.

The Garden of Life

is a painted series by DarkPower depicting the intricate details of our lives from an abstract point of view. The stories for each painting are penned by BadMonk.

The eteRnal

Born from the depths of oblivion and singularity, taking the consciousness from a million stars, The Protector watches over the universe and takes a form once in a trillion years to feed on a dying star.